Adidas cricket kit bag with wheels
Adidas cricket kit bag with wheels

Adidas Cricket Kit Bag With Wheels, SS Cricket Kit For Seniors, DSC cricket kit bag price

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Cricket is one of the most popular games played worldwide. Hence, fans try their best to support the game as they buy cricket kit including bats, balls, jersey, and many other souvenirs. Due to this fan craze Adidas Cricket Kit Bag With Wheels, SS Cricket Kit, DSC cricket kit have conquered the online as well as offline market. Cricket offers good opportunities it is taken up as a career.

Fans look forward to buy cricket kit as it helps them connect more with their favorite game. they are used for both casual as well as training for the game.

Buying the Right Kit!

While many kits are available in the market, it becomes tricky for fans to choose the one that really meets their expectation and are economical at the same time. Especially if you are a newbie it becomes tough to understand the quality as well as their user-friendliness. That’s why, in this article, we will discuss the five most popular cricket kits and the sites from where they can buy cricket kit online.

Cricket Kit
Cricket Kit for players

Components Of A Cricket Kit

It is very essential to know about the components that are included in the cricket kit bag before starting to research about cricket kits.

  • Ball- You have to understand whether you want to start with a practice ball or a training ball. Remember to check the quality and go for a waterproof ball. 
  • Bat- Good Willow Wood makes up the bat. There are two kinds of bats made of English willow and Kashmir willow. English willow bats are likely to last long and lightweight when compared to Kashmir willow. Kashmir willow bats can be used for practices.
  • Helmet- Numerous accidents in the cricket field has made wearing helmet compulsory. Before buying the cricket kit remember to check the durability as well as stability of the helmet it comes with. 
  • Pads and Abdomen Guard- These are the protective shields that cover your body from the hit of the ball. Check their size before buying them. 
  • Gloves- Gloves are very essential items and must be a well fit.
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Cricket Kits To Choose From

Here are some of the popular cricket kits that has met our expectations and are budget friendly.

Adidas Cricket Kit Bag With Wheels

Adidas is a very popular brand that makes cricket equipment for ages. The Adidas Cricket Kit Bag With Wheels are made keeping in mind the casual cricket players.

Made from superior quality wood, the kit contains a sturdy bat, a tennis ball, a trump set consisting of three wickets, two bails and a base. To make carrying it hassle-free, the kit is a plastic bag.

adidas cricket kit bag with wheels
Adidas cricket kit bag with wheels

SS Cricket Kit For Seniors

This kit is an all-rounder that contains all the necessary components of a kit including a set of sturdy stumps. made from superior quality material that prevents damage. The kit is very durable and it includes a nice sturdy Kashmir Willow bat which is of very good quality. Sports Hub 1448 Cricket Kit also comes with a pair of batting gloves, abdominal guard, leg guard, and arm guard. It comes in a nylon kit bag that is sturdy.

SS Cricket Kit Bag
SS Cricket Kit Bag

DSC Cricket Kit Bag Price : DSC Premium Kashmir Willow

DSC is one of the largest brands that deal in cricket gears and is a very popular name. The DSC Premium Kashmir Willow Full Cricket Kit, as the name suggests, contains all the essential components including a helmet, thigh guards, abdominal guards, arm guards, a pair of gloves and a cricket bat made from premium quality Kashmir Willow wood.

DSC Cricket Kit Bag
DSC Cricket Kit Bag

The Kit comes in different sizes to choose from and can be used by both men and teenagers. Go for it if you are looking for an economical kit and comes at a good price.

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Klapp Champion Cricket Kit

Klapp is a budget-friendly brand and offers a good quality cricket kit at an affordable price. It is a complete cricket kit that contains all the essential gears. Perfect for playing on the pitch, this kit is available in multiple sizes. The Klapp Champion Kitbag comes in a sling form and includes a Kashmir Willow Bat, three pairs of pads, guards to protect the body, a sturdy helmet and a pair of gloves. 

Klapp Champion Cricket

The quality of the gear is also of high quality thus ensuring the complete safety of the cricketer and delivering a spectacular game. The kit is very economical and is perfect to choose if you are looking for a kit to play on the pitch. Klapp Champion Cricket Kit comes in many sizes to choose from.

The best thing about this kit is the variety of sizes that it offers. Hence, you can buy it for your kid as well as for an adult.

Cricket World Academy Cricket Kit Blue

Cricket World Academy Cricket Kit

If you are looking for a cricket kit to use for daily practices and training then this is perfect for you. The Cricket World Academy Cricket Kit is very stylish looking and has all the important gears included in it. A pair of leg guards that are very light and made from PVC are also included. The batting gloves are very comfortable and have cotton filled finger rolls with mesh. 

Academy Cricket kit also has a Kashmir Willow bat. Along with it, there is a very sturdy helmet and a hand-stitched leather ball. The kit comes in a wheeled kit bag for ease in carrying.

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Cricket kits are very popular among all age groups. Check all the considerations that are important before buying the kit.

If you are looking to buy one for your kid, check this out

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