Best cricket players in the world
Virat Kohli has scored tons of run and is considered to be a world-class cricketer.

Best cricket players in the world in terms of batting average in T20Is

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Know the three best cricket players in the world with top average in T20Is.

Average determines the success of a batsman. It is measured by the number of runs scored by a player divided by the number of innings played less not outs. So, if a player remains not out a greater number of times, his batting average will show a higher value.

Hence, a finisher who remains not out to see the team across the finish line will boast of a higher batting average despite playing fewer matches. And an opener will have a slightly lesser batting average despite scoring more runs than the finisher as he will seldom bat through the innings.

So, who are the best cricket players in the world in terms of batting average in T20Is?

CricChronicle picks up the top three players in this category.

Best cricket players in the world with top average in T20Is

Virat Kohli (India)52.6531592890
Dawid Malan (England)50.15100311024
Babar Azam (Pakistan)47.32203511854

Virat Kohli

best cricket players in the world
Virat Kohli

Kohli is the only player in the world currently to average above 50 across all three formats. As he loves to chase and see the team past the finish line, he remains unbeaten most often, and that boosts his batting average in limited-overs cricket. For the record, he has been unbeaten 24 times in T20Is, which is the second-best after MS Dhoni’s 42 among Indian players.

But that does not justify Kohli’s dominance in this format. In fact, he has been extremely consistent in the shortest format. He has 28 scores of fifty and more, and aggregates above 3000 runs in T20Is – the only player with such a record currently. However, he is yet to hit a ton in this format, while his fellow teammates such as Rohit Sharma (4) and KL Rahul (2) have good numbers to show in the 100s column.

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Dawid Malan

best cricket players in the world
Dawid Malan – Photo courtesy: Sky Sports

He is the new rising star in T20Is. The England cricketer is the quickest in terms of innings to reach 1000 T20I runs, reaching the landmark in just 24 innings, bettering the previous best record of 26 innings held by Pakistan cricketer Babar Azam. Malan also has a century to his credit in this format, and he has been in top form in T20Is in recent times. However, he is just 24 T20Is old and has to go a long way to justify his place among the rare group of batsmen to average above 50 in T20Is. But currently, Malan is the flavour of the season, and he would be crucial to England’s chances in the World T20 this year.

Babar Azam

Babar Azam
Babar Azam

The Pakistan cricketer is often compared to India’s Kohli across formats. In fact, social media is always buzzing trying to find who is a better batsman between the two.

Recently, Azam broke Kohli’s record of the fastest to 2000 T20I runs. Azam reached the landmark in 52 innings, while Kohli took 56 innings. Azam indeed is a talented batsman but once again longevity would be the key. Would Azam be able to maintain the consistency as Kohli has done over the years?

The 2021 World T20 where the two teams will face off for the first time since the 2017 Champions Trophy final will see whether Kohli or Azam wins the battle of the best cricket player in the world in this format.

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