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Like all other things, parents want to choose the best cricket kits for kids. With the ongoing competition, it is very difficult to buy the right kit. In this article, we will discuss the essential components of a good cricket kit for kids and the kits to choose from.

Cricket is considered to be one of the most popular games in the world. It has fans from all over the world in all age groups. Hence, kids follow the game crazily and sometimes want to pursue it as a career option. Cricket has numerous domestic match opportunities. Thus, cricket for kids is now welcomed among the parents.

Components of a cricket Kit For Kids

A cricket kit bag basically comes with eight items that are meant to enhance cricket for kids. These are:

  • Cricket Bat
  • Helmet
  • A Pair of Gloves
  • Abdominal Guards
  • Thigh Pads
  • Arm Guards
  • A Pair of Pads
  • Complementary Bat with Stumps.

Cricket Kits to Choose From

R.P.M. Sports SG Economy Cricket Kit

The R.P.M. Sports SG Economy Cricket Kit is very stylish as well as a power-packed kit available at affordable prices. It comes in a colorful kit bag with a holder to conveniently place the bat. The kit contains a Kashmir willow cricket bat which has a curved blade. This helps in stroke play cricket for kids.

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Other than the bat, the kit includes a pair of SG gloves, a pair of SG thigh leg guards, a polypropylene shell helmet, and an abdominal guard. It is stylish as well as very comfortable for the kids. It is available on Amazon at a price of Rs 5,940.

R.P.M. Sports SG Economy Cricket Kit for Kids

SG Comfipak Complete Cricket Kit With Spordy Ball

it is one of the best selling kits from SG and is very popular among cricket lovers. It is a complete cricket kit for kids and comes with a cricket helmet, a Kashmiri willow cricket bat, one leg guard, a pair of batting gloves, one abdominal guard, one thigh guard, one arm guard and a spordy ball in the kit bag. The bag along with the kits weights only 5.5 kgs that make it very easy to carry.

SG Comfipak Cricket Kit

The items included in the kit bag are made by keeping in mind cricket for kids and is highly durable. They are made from tough nylon and is available in different sizes to choose from. It is available on Amazon and comes at a price of Rs 5, 273.

Spartan Cricket Junior Complete Batting Set

It comes with a Kashmiri willow bat and includes leg guard, thigh guard, batting gloves, arm guard and abdominal guard. It is very stylish and available in two sizes. The easy to carry kit bag makes it perfect for your budding cricketer.

Spartan Cricket Junior Complete Batting kit will be the ideal choice if you have a junior champ who is interested in cricket.

Spartan Junior Cricket Kit

It is available on Amazon at a price of Rs 3, 740 and you can buy it.

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GM Complete Kit With Helmet

GM Complete kit is a premium set to choose for kids who are under 15. Though a bit on the costlier side, it is long-lasting and comes with a premium Kashmiri Willow bat, helmet, a pair of leg guard, a pair of thigh guard, a pair of gloves, an abdominal guard, a pair of arm guard and a GM duffle bag.

An ideal kit to support cricket for kids

it focuses on cricket for kids and is very durable. You can buy it on Amazon. Its price is Rs 8, 518 and is available.

Gray Nicolls Maax Strike Junior Cricket Set

Gray Nicolls considered to be one of the most popular cricket kits for kids in Australia and is an ideal starter pack for young kids. The kit comes in a convenient top opening bag and includes a Maax Strike bat, batting pads, and gloves. The batting gloves are mono flexed and the bat offer Maax striking power.

Gray Nicolls Cricket Kit For Kids

You can purchase this from the online site of Rebelsports and is priced at $179.99.

Kookaburra Future Star Cricket Set

Your search for a brilliant gear kit for kids ends here. Kookaburra Cricket Set is a handy kit that comes with a Kashmir Willow bat. Kookaburra Future Star Kit executes full range shots. It includes gloves and batting pads. The kit bag is very spacious.

Future Star Cricket Kit For Your Little Kids

Future Star Cricket Kit For Your Little Kids
This Kookaburra Future Star Junior cricket kit for kids is very pocket friendly. This kit is priced at $159.99.

1000 Personal Cricket Kit

If you are want to encourage the cricketer in your kid then go for the 1000 Personal Cricket kit. It is a compact kit that includes a Centaur 1000 bat, a pair of pro batting gloves, a pair of batting pads, a shield thigh pad, a protector and a Platinum MK3 helmet.

1000 Personal Cricket Kit for Kids

The best part about this kit is you can customize the various colors and sizes according to your choice. You can also customize it according to the gender of your kid and choose a left-handed bat for kids. The price varies accordingly.

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Pro Personal Cricket Kit

This kit is a premium quality product for cricket lovers. If your junior has already played before and wants to upgrade, this is the best choice. The pro kit includes English Willow bat, batting gloves, batting pads, shield thigh pads, a Platinum MK3 helmet, protector, and a kit bag that has attached wheels for carrying it conveniently. You can choose in accordance with your kid’s age and price varies accordingly. You can customize the Pro personal kit according to the hand to be used and the color of the bat.

Pro Cricket Kit for Kids

If your kid is a cricket fan and wants to pursue a career out of it then encourage the child to do so. With numerous emerging opportunities in cricket, there are so many possibilities to explore and experience. These cricket kits for kids are the first stepping stones towards that direction.

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