Sammy accuses SunRisers Hyderabad of Racism
Darren Sammy has recently accused SunRisers Hyderabad of racism and called them up.

Darren Sammy Accuses SunRisers Hyderabad of Racism!

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With the ongoing banter on racism all over the world, Darren Sammy has raised his voice against the issue. He has recalled a few incidents from the IPL tournament and called out the team. In his video, Darren Sammy accuses Sunrisers Hyderabad of racism. A post has recently emerged on social media that has Darren Sammy and Ishant Sharma and points the same.

Sammy and Ishant Sharma
The SunRisers Hyderabd teammates, Sammy and Ishant

In an Instagram story, Sammy said than he and Sri Lankan player Thiasara Perera was subjected to racism while playing for SunRisers Hyderabad in IPL 2014 which took the social media by storm. 

What the Teammates say!

Parthiv Patel and Irfan Pathan shared the dressing room with Sammy and when asked about the incident Parthiv claimed that he did not hear any such words. 

“I don’t think I have heard anyone using those (derogatory) words,” Parthiv said to The Telegraph.

Irfan said that the racial comments were not just for the dark-skinned foreign players but were used for the players from South India too. He also said that it is essential to educate the people on this subject. 

“I was there with him (Sammy) in 2014. I feel had this really happened, the matter would definitely have been discussed. So I’m not aware of such things as nothing was discussed in a larger way. But at the same time, we need to educate our people because I’ve seen them (racial jibes) in domestic cricket,” Pathan said.

“Some of our cricketers from the south, especially, have faced that in the northern and western parts of the country, though I don’t want to name anyone. What happens is among the crowd, someone tries to act like a jester. It’s not because people are racist, but it’s like someone trying to be popular by saying something seemingly funny that amounts to crossing the line on certain occasions,” he added.

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Ishant Sharma’s post emerges

The picture used in Ishant Sharma;s post
The post by Ishant Sharma where he calls Sammy “Kaluu”

After Darren Sammy accuses SunRisers Hyderabad of racism, an Instagram post by Ishant Sharma emerged where the spinner had added a photo. It has Ishant Sharma and Darren Sammy with Dale Steyn and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar and called Sammy ‘Kalu’. 

Sammy said he is going to text all the players involved and said, “I have played all over the world and I have been loved by many people, I have embraced all dressing rooms where I have played, so I was listening to Hasan Minhaj as to how some of the people in his culture describe black people.” 

“This does not apply to all people, so after I found out a meaning of a certain word, I had said I was angry on finding out the meaning and it was degrading, instantly I remembered when I played for SunRisers Hyderabad, I was being called exactly the same word which is degrading to us black people,” he added.

“I will be messaging those people, you guys know who you are, I must admit at that time when I was being called as that word I thought the word meant strong stallion or whatever it is, I did not know what it meant, every time I was called with that word, there was laughter at that moment, I thought teammates are laughing so it must be something funny,” Sammy said.

Soon after the fans dig up another post where Sammy referred to himself as ‘Kalu’ while wishing VVSLaxman on his birthday. “Happy birthday @VVSLaxman281 May God continue to bless you. #bestdresser oh remember dark Kalu,” Sammy had written on his tweet in November 2014.

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Sammy refers to himself as 'Kalu'
The post Sammy did on VVS Laxman’s birthday where he referred to himself as Kalu

While the whole world is condemning racism right now, the cricketers have addressed the issue like gentlemen. It is yet to see what the former SunRiser Hyderabad players have to say to these allegations. 

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