Ishant Sharma and Sammy
Sammy recently was seen to be referred as 'kalu' in Ishant Sharma's post from 2014

Darren Sammy “Reassured” by SunRisers Hyderabad teammates!

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With the recent allegations and discussion going on about racism in cricket, Darren Sammy was the pioneers to open up about the issue. He said that he would talk with the people discriminating him. Soon after, Darren Sammy is reassured of the comments by the IPL teammates. 

The West Indies All Rounder
The West Indies All Rounder

After he opened up about the team, Chris Gayle backed Sammy and said, “It’s never too late to fight for the right cause or what you’ve experienced over the years! So much more to your story, @darensammy88. Like I said, it’s in the game”.

Earlier Sammy had posted a video saying the various racial slurs were used within the SunRisers Hyderabad camp. He didn’t understand the meaning of the words then but now he does. 

He also said that he would be messaging those people and talk to them about those incidents. “I will be messaging those people, you guys know who you are, I must admit at that time when I was being called as that word I thought the word meant strong stallion or whatever it is, I did not know what it meant, every time I was called with that word, there was laughter at that moment, I thought teammates are laughing so it must be something funny,” Sammy said.

Sammy clears the tension

After this incident, he says that he had an ”interesting conversation” with one of his teammates and is now “reassured of the matter”. The ex-teammate has said that the slur used was “operated out of love” and had no harmful intentions.

“I’m please to say that I’ve had a really interesting conversation with one of the guys and we are looking at ways to educate rather than focusing on the negatives. My brother reassured me that he operated from a place of love and I believe him,” Sammy tweeted.

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He sounded pleased with the conversation and soon won many hearts of his fans. Swara Bhaskar, the known prominent actress of the Bollywood industry, replied to the tweet and demanded an apology from the teammates. 

Darren Sammy and Swara Bhaskar
Swara Bhaskar demands apology from the SunRisers Hyderabad Team

She tweeted, “Dear @darensammy88 if someone used the N-word at a black person & said they “operated from a place of love” what would u say? Same with the word ‘Kaalu’ & it’s variations. And team members of @SunRisers. Show some decency & spine #SaySorryToDaren officially! #thatsnotcricket @IPL.” 

The West Indies cricketer soon responded to this tweet saying he is not ignoring the situation that happened but wants to educate the people on the issue. He replied, “Don’t get me wrong I’m not condoning what was done/said. I’m saying let’s use this opportunity to educate each other so it doesn’t happen again. One can only apologize if he/she feels wrong about something. I’m confident&proud to be black. That will never change.”

The controversy started when Darren Sammy and Chris Gayle talked about the racial discrimination they have faced in their career. Sammy recalled his IPL 2014 session and found out the meaning of the word ‘Kalu’ that was used to refer him.

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