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Dhoni Retires? Bhajji creates Speculations.

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Dhoni’s retirement has always been the talk of the cricket town. With on and off speculations on the Captain Cool’s retirement, the hashtags have always been under the limelight. However, on Wednesday, the hashtag #Dhoniretires started to trend again. This created a ripple among the cricket fans and divided them. While Dhoni retires or not still remains the trending topic.

Captain cool
The Captain Cool

This sudden spurge was created after Harbhajan Singh, Dhoni’s teammate in the Chennai Super Kings team commented on Dhoni’s retirement. “As far as I know him, he won’t want to wear India’s blue jersey again. IPL he will play, but for India, I think he had decided the (2019) World Cup was his last”, said the offspinner, stressing on the topic Dhoni retires. Recently, Bhajji had also said how he was looking forward to his comeback

Dhoni finishes off in style
World Cup 2011, Dhoni finishes off in his style, India lifts the World Cup after 28 years

Captain Cools Contribution!

M.S Dhoni, 38, has not appeared in any country league since the 50 over World Cup, 2019. Previously Dhoni had led India to win it’s first T20 World Cup in 2007. He has also sealed India’s World Cup Victory in 2011 by scoring six in his style. He had been playing in the Chennai Super Kings and as a captain ensured it’s victory three times, which is the maximum among all the eight teams. 

Just after the #DhoniRetires started trending, Sakshi Singh, Dhoni’s wife tweeted about it, saying how people are unstable amidst the lockdown and they must get a life!

Sakshi's tweet
Shakshi’s Tweet

After her tweet became viral, Dhoni’s fans started praising her and compared her to Dhoni, saying she finished off in “Dhoni’s style”. Soon, the new trending hashtag was #DhoniNeverRetires. 

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However, speculations still remain whether the former Indian Captain will be seen wearing the blue in the T20 World Cup or not because as of now the schedule of the league too remains uncertain. 

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