How to choose a cricket ball? CricChronicle
How to choose a cricket ball? CricChronicle

How to choose a cricket ball?

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Are you confused about How to choose a cricket ball? Do you feel stuck between the 2 pieces or a 4 piece cricket ball? Here is the solution to how to go ahead.

Before we know to choose balls, it’s a mandate for us to understand different types of balls. Majorly two types, the two piece and the four piece balls.

When only two leather pieces are brought together to form a cricket ball, it’s a two piece ball and the same goes with four piece balls, where four different leather pieces are brought together to form a cricket ball.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

How do I come to know about different balls?

Simple! Check for marks extending from one point to another on the surface of the ball perpendicular to the seam. If you find such marks, you have a four-piece ball in your hand and if you don’t it’s a two-piece ball.

What’s the major difference then?

A two piece ball swings more but doesn’t last long and on the contrary a four piece ball is long lasting and swings lesser.

In quality matches, usually a four piece ball is used.

How does weight affect the ball selection?

Apart from this, the weight of the ball differ depending upon who is playing. The following are the standards to be followed:

Men’s senior – 155 grams

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Women’s senior – 144 grams

Junior’s Cricket – 133 grams.

The fit in hands:

A ball that fits in every team members’ hand is the ball to choose. The ball that completely fits in hand is better to grip upon and therefore a bowler can have better control. So asking the player, with small hands in the team to check the fit of ball is highly desirable.

How important is seam of the ball?

The seam helps, specifically a fast bowler to provide proper direction and swing and therefore it’s called radar for the bowler.

Hold the bowl with a hand and run another hand all through over it to feel the seam throughout. If it is bulged enough at all places, the ball can be considered.

Loosened seam should be checked, which affects the longevity of the ball.

Brett Lee

The balance of the ball:

The last thing to check which selecting a ball is its balance.

Hold it by seam by only two fingers are glide it up in the air. If the ball comes down without wobbling, the ball can be considered to be balanced and imbalanced ball wobbles more. More the wobble across the seam, more imbalanced is the ball.

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