6 non-negotiable things to select a cricket bat

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We see many talented cricketers fail as they fail to choose the right bat, the weapon of batsmen. And therefore, we present you the things that you should not forget while you select a new bat at showroom.

1) Not to focus on the brand of the bat:

Yes, we all have a fan icon whom we religiously follow, and dream of personifying ourselves in his/her position. Although, the bats of all the cricketers, irrespective of brand they use are exceptionally amazing in all respects, but choosing a bat based on what your favourite player uses is not the right way to go ahead.

Why do we say so? Because the bats are tailor made for your favourite player and all the bats of the same brand in the showroom might not be equally good.

What should you do then? 

Focus on wood. Yes, understand your batting style and select the Kashmir or English willow. To know more about willow of bats in detail, do write to us in comments.

2) Selection of proper size:

Most of the bat companies market bats based on the age of the player. Higher the age, bigger the bat. No doubt to understand that this trap is to increase sales of bigger bats which are costlier.

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Please don’t fall prey to this and understand your height and playing capabilities, or the kind of shots you would wish to practice. All that it means is that you should be comfortable handling the bat. 

cricchronicle-bat size guide

Do you still feel confused?

Ah! No worries, we have a trick for you. 

Stand straight, keep the bat vertically straight touching to your body. The height of the bat should be an inch lesser than your trunk level,not rather to the pocket level of your trousers on many a cases. That’s the ideal size for you. 

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3) Weight of the bat

With the inappropriate weight of the bat, the career of a batsman is half gone.

Does it feel harsh on you? Unfortunately, we are forced to say you the truth. Yes, it is, the weight is most crucial part of the bat selection.

How do I know the right weight? 

Lift the bat and swing up down with your non playing hand. If you can do it just appropriately, then that’s the right bat for you. 

Too easy to handle should make you pick heavier bat and vice versa.

4) English willow or Kashmir willow?

Considering the softness of the English willow, beginners should refrain from buying it as even minor damages on it would hamper your practice and thus your game to a greater extent. 

Apart from this, English willow needs proper maintenance and repeated knocking. Without proper knocking an English willow would perform much worse than an English willow.

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To know more about the difference in two willows based on types of shots and forms of cricket, show your interest in comment box and we promise to come back very soon.

5) Quality of Bat – Grains

If you are still practicing and are an amateur, grains are not the most important thing for you to focus upon. 

This doesn’t mean that absence of grains is acceptable. Expectations of more than 12 grains is not needed for practice, but yes, a minimum of 5 grains would make it a decent bat to choose upon.

6) Special CricChronicle recommendation

Ensure that you can see the wood of the bat. Many a times bats are covered with scruff sheets or English tapes to ensure better aesthetics of the bat. 

This however stops us from seeing the bat through which is also necessary for us to do proper maintenance and knocking later and not only to see the wood quality or type of wood.

We hope, that our research would help you to bring the best bats to your nets and fields. 

May your hard-earned money be rightly used and your career be amazing. 

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