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“Playing Around the surface”, could be the perfect alternative to “No Saliva”, feels Kumble.

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Indian former cricketer Anil Kumble thinks the usage of artificial substances in place of saliva will take the creativity out of the game. The Kumble led ICC panel recently banned the usage of saliva in any form of cricket due to the corona pandemic. After the decision, it created huge chaos among the former and current cricketers including India’s premier fast bowler, Jasprit Bumrah. 

The legendary leg spinner and ICC Chairman, Anil Kumble recently said that ICC is still stumbling upon the usage of artificial substance on ball, in place of saliva. But, the balance between bat and ball can be maintained by “playing around” with the pitches.

“In cricket, you have the surface that you can play around with and bring about a balance between the bat and ball,” the leg spinner said at a FICCI webinar.

The ICC chairman

“…You can still probably leave grass on the surface or even have two spinners, let’s get spinners back in the game in a Test because one day game or a T20 you are not really worried about shining the ball. Its Test Match that we are talking about”, said the former Indian Coach. He also added, “In a Test Match, why not get two spinners to play in Australia, two in England, which does not happen often.”

Kumble also expressed his doubt over the usage of artificial substances, in place of saliva. He explained, “We can probably use some other substance on the ball. All these years we have been very very stringent on what to use or what not to use on the ball. He also added, “We have been very strict about substances that have been used on the ball. That was something that we felt, the creativity was something that we should not tinker with”.

The Indian Captain with the former Indian Coach

ICC’s Guidelines!

Kumble said that the ICC is trying to bring back the game of cricket at the earliest. “I know there’s been a lot of debate about shining the ball but the idea was to kick start cricket, play the sport, and then I am sure, things will fall in place. Yes, there will be some challenges. You have to go one game at a time. We have given just broad guidelines from the ICC to various cricket boards because each country has its own challenges and within the country itself you see in India You know, for example, Maharashtra has its own challenges, Karnataka is different.”

Captain Kohli Shining the ball

Talking about the Test Series between England and West Indies, Kumble felt that it will be very difficult for the players to maintain same kind of fitness after two months of lockdown. “The players will have to have some sort of a cushion, some sort of backup in terms of loading up the body to be able to sustain Test Match because balling 30 overs for a bowler is not going to be easy and even for a batsman, you know, the muscles that you use when you are batting is totally different.

Kumble also said,” You need to fill it up and probably have a few friendly games before you get into an important Test match.” “So you need to slowly load them up and then start building their skill levels. I think its mostly confidence. Once the players are out and training, it comes back very quickly,“ the former Indian captain said.

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