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Tendulkar proposes early introduction of second ball

Sachin Tendulkar proposes early introduction of second ball!

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With the ongoing corona pandemic, there has been a proposition of No Saliva Rule by the ICC. In relation to this, the cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar calls for an early introduction of a second ball in Test Matches. He said a new ball must be introduced after every “50 or 55” overs to help fast-bowlers on unresponsive pitches.

In a recent interview with Brett Lee, Sachin talked about the challenges of using only sweat instead of saliva for shining the ball. 

The Maestro

 “In Test cricket, suddenly if the surfaces are not good, the standard of playing I feel drops down. And above all the game slows down because, the batters knows if I don’t play a stupid shot here, no one can get me out and the bowler knows, on this surface I have to be patient,” Tendulkar said.

“But why not then to get the game moving, have a new ball after every 45-50 or 55 overs because in ODI cricket we have to play only 50 overs, and you have two new balls there, so literally 25 overs, so that’s it,” said Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar also compared the proposal to the day and night ODI format of cricket.  “So here in Test cricket, if you are not going to allow saliva, and sometimes you won’t sweat as much depending on climate where you are playing, it could be a lot like day/night one dayers,” the master blaster said.

Watch the full interaction here

“In ODI cricket, bowling when conditions are dry in day night match and bowling second when there is lot of dew on the ground, so on paper the conditions and rules are exactly the same, but on field conditions are totally different, it’s chalk and cheese,” he said.

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