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Virat Kohli and Steve Smith

Steve Smith Praises Kohli, calls him “Simply Phenomenal.”

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With the recent publishing of the India Tour of Australia schedule, speculations have once again stirred up among the cricket fans who are comparing the two legendary cricketers Virat Kohli and Steve Smith. While the debate will always go on, in a recent interview, the Australian former captain, Steve Smith admires Virat Kohli and proved the respect he holds for the Indian run-machine.

Previously, Virat Kohli has been heard praising the Australian cricketer. He has even gestured the cricket fans not to boo at the Australian batsman after he returned from the ban placed on him (Watch the video here: Now Steve Smith is heard talking about Kohli’s playing skills and calls him “simply phenomenal.”

Kohli and Smith

What Smith Says:

Recently, Sony Tiny Pitstop held an interaction session with the Australian tap-ranking batsman, where he said,” Look, I admire Virat a lot. He is an amazing player. You look at his record now, simply incredible. He’s done so much for Indian cricket as well. They way they play the game now, the sheer passion he has got for Indian cricket”. “His willingness to improve and get better. You can see his body has sort of transformed over time. He is so fit and strong now and powerful. I can’t say a bad word about him, he is pretty amazing for cricket,” Smith added. 

The Australian Legend

With the India Tour of Australia knocking at the door, both the batsmen are considered to be one of their kind. While Smith leads the charts of Test Cricket, Virat’s consistency and run-scoring ability make him one of the finest cricketers in history. 

The Much waited for Match

When asked what he admires most about the Indian captain, Smith answered,” The one thing I admire the most about him is in white-ball, the way he chases. You look at his average in winning chases in ODIs and it’s simply phenomenal. So good under pressure, calm and just gets the job done more often than not. You have got to admire someone like that.”

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Leaving the debate to the cricket gurus and pundits, we can safely conclude that the world cricket is due to see some ground-breaking cricket highlights when both the phenomenal batsmen play against each other.

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