T20 Worldcup news
T20 Worldcup news

T20 World Cup to be rescheduled, IPL likely to be in Oct-Nov!

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With the outbreak of corona pandemic, cricket fans as well as the cricket fraternity is suffering. Keeping in mind the stakeholders, the fraternity has decided the T20 World Cup to be rescheduled in 2022. It will be held in Australia. As another world cup is set to be held in India in 2021, so ICC feels that it would be stressful. This is because both the league’s format will be the same. In this scenario, the fans will be missing the excitement of T20.

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The ICC issued an official statement saying the postponement of the World Cup was “inappropriate”. Sources from an official clearly state that any tournament in 2020 will be a huge risk given to the ongoing corona pandemic and economic crisis. It also added that to maintain the safety of the viewers at such a massive scale would be clearly impossible to manage. 

Issues Ahead!

With the ongoing restrictions on travel and health, currently, it seems impossible for the ICC to bring together the 16 World Cup playing teams safely together while keeping in mind all the restrictions. The cost of creating a safe playing zone for the teams, maintaining quarantine, and all the distancing policies will be very high for ICC as it will be played behind closed doors. The revenue earned would also be very less in comparison. 

India’s Maiden T20 Win

In this scenario, the most logical option to consider is to go with the T20 World Cup in 2021, which will be hosted in India and the T20 World Cup 2020 to be rescheduled in 2022 in Australia. This will give BCCI the chance to broadcast IPL this year, which will be a boon for the cricket lovers. 

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However, it is still up to the Australian Cricket Fraternity to decide whether they will move up to 2022 to host the series.

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