What Cricket fans miss during a matchday?

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There are billions of cricket fans spanned across the world and thousands among them are crazy about it. A passionate cricket fan not only watches the match but also plans the day accordingly. From waking up to going to sleep, all the daily activities revolve around the match timings but now they are missing cricket in COVID 19

Missing Cricket

In this lockdown, when all the grand matches stand canceled there is nothing more terrible for the fans than missing cricket. There is nothing much to look up to and speculations are way behind.Here we have discussed the 10 things that we being a passionated fan miss about a match day, let us know in the comments if you can add some more to it. Click To Tweet

1. Planning

The first thing that we do once a match gets scheduled is planning. We plan when we are going to wake up, how we are going to watch the match, are we going to take a leave, maybe order the meal from outside, etc. As there are no matches happening soon, there seems no planing to do.

Close-up photo of a cricket ball hitting the stumps and knocking off the bails.

2. Speculating!

Soon after the match is scheduled, speculations start. We start guessing about the results of the match. The scores that must be achieved to win the match, the runs that can help our favorite player get the man of the match trophy and many other speculations cloud our minds.

3. Talking About The Match!

Once a match is about to be played, all we can talk about is the match! It’s like no other topic comes to our mind. All we do is gather with our friends or maybe call them up and start blabbering about the match.
Some conversation leads to challenges and through some we end up planning to watch the game together. that’s cricket! Click To Tweet

4. Wear Expert’s Cap!

Though being cricket fans we have already watched all the previous matches to the scheduled game but before the match starts, we start more research on them. Like what was the score in the last match, which bowler took the most wickets, what are the chances of our favorite teams to win and many more. We start watching interviews and analysis videos to understand more.

5. Setting Up The Vibe!

Setting Up the right vibe is very important

 On the day of the match, setting up the mood right is very important. We wake up early, set up the couch and complete all the chores way before the match starts. There can’t be anything than can go wrong on this day! We wear that favorite T-shirt that we wore on the day of the world cup final and our team won. We sit in our favorite place and wait for the toss to start.

6. Its Toss Time!

Once the captains of both the teams come to the field for the toss, the intriguing speculations resume. We want our favorite team to win the toss! Maybe say a silent prayer too! 

7. Nail Biting Excitements!

The favorite part of a match for any cricket match is the ongoing match! With the pure standard of cricket being portrayed on the television and cheering for our favorite team, the excitement reaches its peak. Every run, every over adds up to the excitement. If the match is very close, then that is like a dream come true match for a crazy fan! To watch one of the grand and exciting matches, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcfJ66ZBRzk)

Fans cheering for India

8. When our team wins a match!

If the match was very close and we won it then there is no other feeling better than this! The rejoicing, cheering and dancing motivates us and brings back the positivity in us. We understand how hard work and practice helped our team to win the match. The feeling of winning a match is too good to explain!

9. When we end up losing side!

Sometimes the team we support lose the match which was very close. Sometimes it seems impossible to us, but it is not. We blame the players for some time, then curse the other team and in some extreme case switch off the game. But sooner or later we understand that it was meant to be. A passionate cricket fan always loves cricket more than the team. Once we understand that the team really played well and deserved to win then we make our peace with it. 

10. Its time for Presentation!

It is really one of the prime attractions for a fan to watch the prize ceremony after the match. The captain’s speeches and the commentary along with this is an added bonus.

Cricket fans from all over the world are worried about the current scenario as there is no clear picture of when the matches will be resumed and they are missing cricket in COVID 19. There is just hope that the situation gets in control and the pending matches start. Meanwhile, you can watch the grand matches of cricket. Read here: https://www.cricchronicle.com/grand-matches-to-watch-during-the-lockdown/

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